fooldance company

dancing in public spaces

To perform in public spaces we contribute contemporary dance combined with physical theater and adapting to each place and situation even in our set dance pieces. We let  the audience feel included without forcing them to participate. So- every performance will be slightly different in each space with another audience.

The work is higly physical including demanding partnering sequences, using contactimprovisation as the main contemporary dance technique.

Creating constant growing and changing images and atmospheres and impressions for the audience. Always  looking for unecpected turns in our dance surprise our audience and ourselves...


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"Kreatür" Solo at EigenArt Festival, Schwankhalle Bremen 2020



"Spiel" at Tanztage Bremen, Schwankhalle 2016


Dance Act Blue (at Actiontheaterfestival Berlin, Mariannenplatz 17/19.04.2014)

Tanz Bremen Festival